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Campo Felice Independent Living

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A blend of indulgence and imagination. Our name means “happy fields”. And we’ve designed Campo Felice with amenities that evoke a joy for living. Well-appointed residences. Stunning views. An executive chef, catered dining and room service. Concierge services, health and fitness, travel, entertainment and more. Plus an active social schedule. Feel the joy every day at Campo Felice. Forget what you picture when you hear the words “senior living” and imagine something completely different. Like having a cool drink poolside under a private cabana. A morning workout, followed by a massage. Then later, a new hairstyle, manicure and pedicure. And for dinner, choose between two gourmet dining options. At Campo Felice, you’ll find an extensive selection of unconventional, resort-inspired amenities in a historic downtown setting.

Property Location

Fort Myers, FL

Building Mix

1 building | 323 apartments

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