United Development Corporation

Outstanding real estate development goes far beyond the construction phase. This is why we take a turnkey approach—owning and managing most of the properties we develop—to engineer their long-term value for clients and investors.

Not just buildings. Communities.

This commitment to value stands behind every aspect of our development activity. It is why, for example, all segments of our staff—including property management and finance—gather to plan out the project before development even begins. Our priorities include not only short-term development potential but long-term cycles, which keeps each property relevant well into the future. Projects are designed to adapt to changing market demands, including the activities and amenities that transform building projects into communities.


Not just communities. Results.

The results show up in the numbers. Long waiting lists for our properties testify to their value for residents. The awards testify to the standard of excellence that sets us apart. Most important, however, is how consistently our projects optimize clients’ financial position and strategic goals.

Leadership Team

Jeff Bray

Executive Vice President,

Thomas J. Uccellini

Director of Business Development + Commercial Leasing

Bill Flanigan

Development Executive

Properties currently in development

To each development project, we bring 40 years of experience, an exceptional ability to innovate, and a constant focus on the well-being of all our customers.