New UGOC Employees Reflect On “Community Assistant Workshop”

April 20, 2018

United Group’s newly hired Community Assistants were warmly welcomed to the United Group Team this month at the first ever “Community Assistant Workshop,” which was hosted at College Suites at City Station.


Community Assistants play an impactful role in the day-to-day operations at United Group’s student housing communities in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley. They’re responsible for active involvement in assisting residents with residential and academic issues, implementing social and educational activities, developing a sense of community, helping maintain a comfortable living environment by providing excellent customer service, and performing various administrative and business related function as needed.


During the workshop, the newly hired Community Assistants heard valuable information from every facet of United Group, including property managers, the human resources department, the marketing department, and their regional manager. They also enjoyed exciting team building exercises, and designed flyers to promote upcoming events at their respective properties.


Several of the Community Assistants were happy to share their thoughts about the workshop:


“I learned a lot about what it takes to manage a property from a social media, corporate, managerial, and CA role. Everybody from the company was incredibly jovial and approachable, making the transition into this job much easier. Also, I decided to pursue the job because I saw the CA position as a role model for other (Marist College) residents. Lastly, I live in Fox Run at Fulton and I wanted to take the initiative to be an active community member so that we may continue to improve our community.”

-Jameson Schwartz


“I had an excellent time at the Community Assistant Workshop, I’m proud to say I am a part of something bigger!”

-Raelyn Ireland


“My experience at the CA Workshop was good. I learned a lot about what the company is really about, and the requirements of what they are expecting from us as employees. I decided to pursue this job because I want to be able to communicate with everybody in the suites comfortably with no pressure.”

-Danielle Seales


“The workshop was fantastic! I learned a lot about planning events, and ways to further my career within the company.  The workshop was very helpful and I learned more ways I can contribute to the company as a Community Assistant.”

-Stephen Lorence


“The workshop was great! It helped me to better understand the aspects of event planning and budgeting, as well as how to develop my skills as a Community Assistant at the College Suites at Hudson Valley. I look forward to growing with the team at the suites and furthering my career with the Untied Group.”

-Henry Zeh-Cross


“I thoroughly enjoy working for UGOC and being a CA for Washington Square! It has taught me a vast majority of new things I did not used to know and has sparked something within me to try and climb the latter of the company. I was shown how great it is to work in leasing, housing, realty, or whatever someone wants to call what I'm doing. All that matters is that I love every aspect of the job and the company I work for and hope that I can move up within this fantastic company!”

-Tanner Cramer


The United Group Team is looking forward to hosting more Community Assistant Workshops in the future to help introduce student-employees to the company culture, and the exciting new expectations of their new job.

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