UGOC Spotlight: Senior Vice President of Finance Celebrates 30 Years With United Group

November 8, 2017

Kim Williams joined United Group in 1987, and hasn't looked back. She's climbed the ladder of success to United Group's Senior Vice President of Finance, and is a senior member of the management team. She is an integral part of the finance division and has been a dedicated professional. During her tenure, Kim has held a variety of positions ranging from marketing, accounting, administration, and property management.

The United Group is grateful for all of Kim's hard work and dedication the past 30 years.


Learn more about Kim's three decades with United Group below.


Name: Kim Williams

Office: Corporate Office in Troy, NY

Role: Senior Vice President of Finance


1.) What do you remember about your first day with the United Group?


The excitement of starting a new job!


2.) Are you in the same role? What has changed about your role?


No, I am not.  Everything!


3.) Tell us what an average day at the office looks like:


There is no 'average day' and that is what I love about my position. It provides me the diversity needed to keep me interested, focused, and driven. In addition, to providing me the outlet to continue to learn - strategy, concepts, and methods.


4.) Tell us one of your favorite early memories from your office:


I count myself truly blessed to have had a mentor, Walter Uccellini, who taught and nurtured me, allowed me to learn from my mistakes, trusted and respected me, continually challenged me, believed in me, and urged me to spread my wings.  I will be forever grateful.


5.) What do you love most about the United Group?


I obviously love it here, otherwise I would not be marking my 30th Anniversary with UGOC.  I guess I have always loved the energy of the organization as a whole and the continued challenges our industry is faced with.  Granted, on a given day that same energy and those same challenges can have the reverse effect but those days are few and far between.


6.) What advice do you want to give yourself now, after working for the United Group during for past 30 years?


Follow your passion and what you excel at, but don't be afraid to try something new; you may surprise yourself!

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