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January 25, 2024

UGOC Spotlight: Clay Decker Promoted to Director of Acquisitions + Development

Please join us in congratulating Clay Decker on his promotion to Director of Acquisitions + Development at United Group! In this new position, Clay will be responsible for advancing the company’s interests in property acquisition, which will engage the full capabilities of the United Group and create opportunities to refurbish, reposition and improve under-performing assets. He will also be pursuing additional new ground-up development projects in various markets.

Clay, who has been with United Group for nearly five years, was previously the company's Senior Financial Analyst and has been known for taking initiative and excelling in all that he does.

"All that have worked with Clay know that he is an extremely skilled and capable professional who is always prepared to do whatever is required," Jeff Smetana said. "He has worked effectively across all the United Group Departments, providing support and high-level expertise, where his contributions have been significant and impressive."

Clay's diligence and dedication over the years has proved he is a valuable asset to the United Group and we look forward to all the accomplishments still to come as he takes on this newly created and elevated role!

Congratulations, Clay!


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