United Investment Services Corp., Millennium Credit Markets

Few ventures are as complex, or as customized to each situation, as development financing. For the last 50 years, our professionals have used a wide variety of alternatives to finance over $3 billion in projects, facilitating our clients’ progress toward their development goals.

Multiple options for financial success.

United Group’s finance team has substantial expertise in construction, hedge-fund, mezzanine and permanent financing, off-balance-sheet and off-credit solutions, conventional and tax-exempt options, and other vehicles. Just as important, they have built a track record of innovation and persistence in structuring precisely the right arrangement for each client.


Investment Programs

United Group has provided institutions and individuals with two vehicles for expanding their investment in real estate:

  • Investment Fund. A managed fund from which we draw capital as needed to fund projects.
  • Alternative investments. An option for direct investment in individual projects of the investor’s choice.


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Leadership Team

Mark Marasciullo

Chief Investment Officer

Thomas J. Uccellini

Senior Managing

Keith Axelrod

Managing Director