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March 19, 2024

Alloro Residents Tie the Knot on our Sarasota Property

Last week, two Alloro at University Groves residents tied the knot on our property!

Paul and Carol Miller met at The Alloro about a year ago. The two were neighbors on the same floor and friends of the couple say the pair hit it off instantly!
"There was some flirting going on and as other neighbors noticed, they took an interest in this exchange and recommended Paul join them for breakfast," Louise Aveni, Carol's friend of almost 20 years said. "Fast forward a few weeks after that, they began spending more time together including an actual date at one of Carol's favorite restaurants, Season's 52, in Sarasota. That's where Paul declared his sincere attraction and interest in her. She was definitely on the same page and so voila, their romance began."
The pair didn't announce their official coupling until Carol's birthday in May, but after that things moved quickly for the pair. A few months ago Paul and Carol moved in together and in February, Paul asked Carol to be his wife.
"Paul's prior health issues didn't concern either of them," Louise said. "So they moved forward with their romance and began planning a future together, no matter the time frame."
Paul is currently battling an aggressive and actively growing cancer. He has been undergoing radiation treatment for the last few weeks.
"When your residents at a 55+ community fall in love with one another and one is faced with an aggressive cancer diagnosis, there is no thinking involved, you help do whatever you can to give them the wedding their love story deserves," Ashley Wysocarski, Director of Field Marketing said.
In just one week's time, The Alloro at University Groves site teams and members of United Group's corporate team banded together to host a wedding for Carol and Paul.
"We transformed the Alloro living room into a church, a restaurant, and a reception area," Louise said. "Everyone pulled out all the stops to make this happen."
The party began with well-wishers embracing the amazing couple and raising a glass to usher in the festivities. Carol walked down the aisle to "Lady" by Kenny Rogers and was handed off to Paul by her son Scott as the song said, "You're the love of my're my lady!" From there, it was good conversation, excellent food, and of course, a fabulous wedding cake to top off the festivities!
"Not a dry eye in the house," Louise said.

"Thank you just isn't enough for all you did to give us a story book wedding," Carol and Paul Miller said. "All of you, our Alloro Angels, went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding day was so special.  For us, The Alloro isn't just an apartment. The Alloro is a community of loving, supportive and caring neighbors, and a dedicated staff. Paul and I are so blessed to be here, to have met here, and to be married here among our family and friends. We couldn't have done this without all of you."

Alloro wedding
alloro wedding
Alloro wedding
alloro wedding
Alloro wedding
Alloro wedding
Alloro wedding


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