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July 27, 2023

UGOC Spotlight: National Intern Day

Celebrating National Intern Day: Meet Adriana and Jack!


It’s National Intern Day! And we are excited to shine a spotlight on two outstanding interns who have been making a remarkable impact at our company. Allow us to introduce you to Adriana Culnan and Jack Whitaker, both of whom have contributed their unique skills and talents to our UGOC team!

Jack Whitaker: Accounting

Jack Whitaker, our talented Accounting Intern, is entering his senior year at Siena College, where he is currently pursuing a Business Major with concentrations in Business Analytics and Investment Fundamentals.

At UGOC, Jack's day-to-day tasks revolve around using Entrata to input journal entries, performing bank reconciliations, and managing invoices. Additionally, he's become quite the Excel wizard, effortlessly navigating through the many spreadsheets Tracey sends his way. His dedication to assisting Accountants and AP Specialists has not gone unnoticed, as he consistently and enthusiastically takes on new projects and responsibilities.

Outside of his typical accounting duties, Jack truly dove in headfirst at our annual Wellness Fair earlier this summer. From Zumba to kickball, he was unstoppable!

Despite being busy with his internship, Jack still manages to lead an adventurous life. He began his summer with a three-week cross-country trip, exploring the beauty of nature through hiking, biking, and swimming. He also loves music and playing guitar and piano with friends.


Adriana Culnan: Graphic Design

Adriana Culnan (or Adri as she is better known), our Graphic Design Intern, attends Hudson Valley Community College, where she specializes in Digital Media. Her journey into graphic design was inspired by her experience managing social media accounts for a salon she worked at at the time, which ignited her passion for design and inspired her to pursue it full-time.

In her day-to-day at UGOC, Adri designs event collateral and excels in print production for our marketing team, adding a touch of artistry to our many projects.

One of her favorite moments was seeing her designs come to life in the form of a lawn sign for a pop-up event. Field marketing Manager Kennedy brought it back from the event, and it still has a place at her desk.

A fun fact about Adri is her knack for photography, especially within the music industry. She has photographed countless events for bands, DJs, and music festivals.


Please join us in celebrating the incredible contributions of Jack and Adriana on this National Intern Day. Their dedication, passion, and unique talents have left a lasting impression on our team and company as a whole. As they continue to grow and excel in their respective fields, we are excited to see the bright futures that lie ahead for both of them.


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