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November 14, 2023

UGOC Spotlight: Bill Thomas Celebrates 5 Years


United Group is happy to commemorate Bill Thomas, Maintenance Technician at Deerfield Place, for five years with United Group!

During his time at Deerfield Place, Bill has been able to foster relationships with his tenants and perfect his troubleshooting skills during challenging situations. His property manager describes him as a breath of fresh air and a person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needs a helping hand.

The company is happy to celebrate Bill for all he has done!

Read more of Bill's story via the Q&A below.

Congratulations, Bill!

1.)    Take us back to day one! What was it like? What do you remember about your first day?

It was overwhelming


2.) Walk us through a typical workday!

 I turn units and complete work orders


3.)What is your favorite memory (so far) from your time at UGOC?

 Getting to know the residents


4.)    What advice would you give yourself reflecting on the last 5 years?

Take everything one day at a time


5.)How has your role changed over the years? (If at all possible)

I have obtained more knowledge about maintenance

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