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November 15, 2023

UGOC Spotlight: Karen Schlederer Celebrates 25 Years

Today, United Group proudly recognizes Karen Schlederer as she reaches yet another milestone: 25 years with United Group!

Karen has been working with the company since 1998. She started as a leasing agent for Diamond Rock Terrace and The Beltrone Living Center. Over the years, Karen has worked her way up to her current position, Vice President of Development Services.

Karen is known for wearing many hats at United Group and serves as a wealth of knowledge for every department. She has played an integral role in United Group’s continued growth, and we’re very thankful for her continued dedication to the company.

To learn more about Karen's journey with United Group, read the Q&A below.

Congratulations, Karen!

1.)    What about United Group keeps you coming back year after year? 

Michael Uccellini... I've always believed and will always believe in his leadership and Michael is a wonderful mentor, and we have a fantastic working relationship.  I couldn't ask for a better Boss!


2.)    What memories have you cherished the most out of your 25 years with United? 

 I don't have any particularly cherished memories... but I do really enjoy the holiday parties and celebrating employee's anniversaries, weddings, or birth of a child.  This is what makes United so wonderful... we really are a family.  We all work so hard, it's really nice when we get to celebrate.


3.)    In what ways have you seen the company grow and evolve?

There wasn't an HR department when I started.  Joan and her Team have really done an outstanding job with obtaining great benefits for all the employees.


4.)    What advice would you give your first day of work self after working for United Group for the past 25 years?

Don't be scared, you got this!


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