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March 18, 2024

UGOC Spotlight: Clay Decker Celebrates 5 Years

United Group is delighted to recognize Clay Decker, Director of Acquisitions + Development, for reaching his 5-year milestone!
Clay began his journey with United Group in 2019 as a Senior Financial Analyst. He was recently promoted to Director of Acquisitions + Development in January of 2024 and is responsible for advancing the company’s interests in property acquisitions as well as pursuing additional new ground-up development projects in various markets.
With five years of dedicated service under his belt, Clay continues to grow and flourish within the company and United Group is delighted to celebrate him. 
Read more about Clay's Journey with United Group, below.
Congrats, Clay!
1.) Take us back to day one! What was it like? What do you remember about your first day? 
I think just how welcoming everybody was in the company on my first day. It made you look forward to coming into the office those first few weeks when in other instances, you get a sense of anxiety working in a new atmosphere.
2.) Walk us through a typical workday! 
There is no typical workday for me because of the different areas I cover. I could be doing market demographics and development modeling one day, putting finance packages together another day, or going through cashflows and construction draws. 
3.)What is your favorite memory (so far) from your time at UGOC? 
Being part of the team that helped close the financing on Arcadia Gardens and being able to be down in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for the ceremonies and celebrations around that project.
4.) What advice would you give yourself reflecting on the last 5 years? 
Just keep taking it all in. There are so many aspects to Real Estate, and you want to see as much of them as possible.
5.) How has your role changed over the years? (If at all possible)
My role has definitely expanded. Starting out, I was putting models together and helping with finance and budget questions. Since then, I have taken a larger role in the finance department organizing the finance meetings and helping source debt for our projects. Recently, I have also been put in a position to begin to look at development and acquisition opportunities.

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