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November 21, 2023

UGOC Spotlight: Tony Serrano Celebrates 5 Years

United Group is delighted to celebrate Field Marketing Manager Tony Serrano for reaching his five-year milestone with the company!

Tony began his journey with United Group in 2018 as a Leasing Consultant at Diamond Oaks Village. He soon became Field Marketing Manager in 2020 until he returned to the field as the Property Manager at Sandalwood Village in 2021. 

With a love for marketing and sales, Tony returned to the marketing department in October of 2023. In his current role he works as the Field Marketing Manager overseeing all Florida properties.

Tony has been a showstopping talent at United Group since his arrival, helping the company to lease-up apartments, adapt to new markets, and find solutions for challenging situations. We admire Tony's go-getter mindset and are honored to celebrate his impressive accomplishments.

Read more about Tony's journey below. 

Congratulations, Tony! 




1.) Take us back to day one! What was it like? What do you remember about your first day?

Day one seems so long ago! I was at Diamond Oaks Village and remember doing fair housing training all day on ADP. Our classes back then weren’t as condensed as they are now. Not so exciting but very beneficial to my positions moving forward. I also remember the residents being very inquisitive and asking me lots of questions. 


2.) Take us through a typical day!

Currently a “typical day” starts with approving rates and checking Entrata for my things to do. I then greet staff and residents, and after that, it's far from typical as I might have a tour, do a property walk, speak with a resident about an issue, or many other things that come through the door. That’s what makes working in Property Management fun, there is always something to keep you on your toes!


3.) Do you have a favorite memory from your time at UGOC?

It is really hard to pinpoint. The first thing that comes to mind is in 2021, I was the Field Marketing Manager for our Florida Westcoast properties. We had the groundbreaking ceremony for the Alloro at University Groves. I remember doing a lot of groundwork for that event. A lot of preparation came from Ashley and Corey and the marketing team from NY. Joanne and Jonathan G. helped the day before the event as well. Even though we hit a couple of hurdles, the event was a success. It all came together and it was a proud moment for me. Honorable mention is when Ashley sprained her ankle when I was approved to be a FMM back in 2020. Lol! 


4.) What advice would you give yourself reflecting on the last 5 years?

Always keep your cool! You might get hard-pressed for more leases or a resident is irate about a situation, but the best thing to do is to keep calm and trust your gut. It has served me well through my position changes, COVID, and filling in where needed when going through staffing transitions. 


5.) How has your role changed over the years?

It has changed tremendously! I started in 2018 as a Leasing Consultant with no leasing experience. My previous sales and customer service background kicked in and I was able to learn fast. I went from filling up a property as a Leasing Consultant, to promoting multiple properties as a FMM, and then to keeping a property afloat as a PM. I have grown so much professionally and personally in the last 5 years and am grateful UGOC gave me the opportunity to do so.

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