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May 2, 2024

UGOC Spotlight: United Group Celebrates April 2024 Promotions

Here at United Group, we take pride in celebrating and recognizing the achievements of our exceptional team members! So today we are shining a spotlight on all United Group employees who received a promotion in the month of April! Those include Rebecca Rem and Adriana Culnan.


Rebecca Rem has been with the United Group since July of 2020. She joined the team as a Design & Print Production Intern before joining the team full-time as the Design & Production Coordinator in 2021. Since then she has earned a promotion to Senior Graphic Designer! In her role, Rebecca will continue to design collateral, direct mailers, logos, and ads for United Group and its properties. 

“Rebecca joined United at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as the Design & Print Production Intern. As the company shifted to fully remote operations, there remained a critical need for high-quality marketing collateral, which was produced at the corporate office's print facilities. Rebecca was often the only person working on the first floor, alongside the Office Manager, as her role required a strong work ethic, minimal supervision, and a calm demeanor.

Rebecca excelled in this position, playing a vital role in the marketing department's daily operations during a challenging time. Her skills in graphic design rapidly grew, leading to a well-deserved promotion to Design & Production Coordinator. In this role, she took on the responsibility of managing all graphic design work for United’s properties and occasionally created materials for the corporate team.

By 2023, with the increase in workload, United hired Adri Culnan to assist, with Rebecca providing oversight and design guidance. These additional responsibilities paved the way for Rebecca's promotion to Senior Graphic Designer, reflecting her integral contribution to the marketing team. Her reliability and commitment to delivering professional-quality work ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest standards.

Congratulations, Rebecca, on a well-earned promotion! You are truly an invaluable member of the team.” - Corey Deame, Director of Strategic Marketing Services


Adriana Culnan, United Group's former Graphic Design Intern, has been promoted to a full-time Graphic Designer. Adri has been working with the Design team since February of 2023 and will continue to help Rebecca with design projects and printing requests. 

“Adri began her journey at United as a Graphic Design Intern, tasked with overseeing the print production process for the marketing team and contributing to graphic design projects. It didn't take long for her exceptional design sense and ability to manage projects from conception to completion to stand out. As a result, she was entrusted with more complex graphic design assignments.

In recent times, Adri's role has evolved to include advanced design projects, such as property branding and corporate social media design. Her expertise has also grown to encompass multimedia skills, as she's been collaborating with Jeddy Johnson to create high-quality videos for both corporate and property-related content. Adri's creativity, insightful questions, and unique perspective have been invaluable to the marketing team, leading to her well-deserved promotion to a full-time Graphic Designer. Congratulations, Adri!” - Corey Deame, Director of Strategic Marketing Services

Congratulations to Rebecca and Adri on your well-deserved promotions! Your commitment to your team is evident and we are lucky to have you as a part of the United Group team.

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