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September 27, 2022

UGOC SPOTLIGHT: Keith Axelrod Celebrates 10 Years with United Group

In the month of September, United Group has the pleasure of celebrating the 10th anniversary of a very important member of our team- Senior Managing Director, Keith Axelrod.

Keith began working with United Group as an independent contractor creating presentations for potential investors prior taking on a full-time position with the company. Since then, his role has continued to grow and evolve, cementing Keith as a valued and beloved member of the team. His expansive knowledge in the securities field matched with a large network of people from all over makes him excel in our investor services department. Whether overseeing the entire financial aspect of a development project or simply chatting with his coworkers about his new grandson, Jaxon, you can guarantee Keith will be wearing his infectious smile. Please join us in congratulating our friend for 10 wonderful years!

Keep reading below to hear about Keith’s experience with United Group in his own words.

1) What do you remember about your first day with UGOC?

I remember coming up to United headquarters and being totally impressed by the offices, all the people and the flurry of activity. It was very exciting.

2) Are you in the same role? What has changed about your role?

My role has changed quite a bit. At the beginning I was mostly involved with meeting with investors and raising capital for development projects. Since then, I have evolved into my current role as Senior Managing Director in Finance. It involves many functions of oversight to Investor Relations, following the performance of development projects and helping create the documents we use to present our investment opportunities. In addition, I am involved in overseeing our activities in MCM Securities - our Broker Dealer we utilize to help raise funds from investors.

3) Tell us what an average day at the office looks like:

Although I am primarily remote these days, I typically am working on handling requests from investors, meeting with the development, management, and marketing teams to keep on top of all our activities within the company and working on current and upcoming investment opportunities.

4) Tell us one of your favorite early memories from your office:

There have been so many great memories from the last 10 years. Even though we have had more than one celebration gathering, I guess I would have to say traveling to one of our newly developed properties for a Grand Opening is always one of my favorite memories!

5.) What do you love most about United Group?

I love working with all the talented people at United!!! Whether from Corporate headquarters or from the various properties, I find it rewarding to work with my co-workers!!!

6.) What advice do you want to give yourself now, after working for the United Group for the past 10 years?  

Keep looking forward to new things and learn and grow at the same time. When I see people who have worked in the company for over 30 years, I realize I still have so much more to experience!!!


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